We believe that success is a result of brilliant people coming together in an environment of creativity, cooperation and freedom to think different.

If you are passionate and want to achieve your maximum performance, Giant is the place to be.


Turning economical theses into fund performance.

For those who are passionate about designing creative solutions for complex problems. We are building a team with Brazil’s best mathematicians, engineers and statisticians to guarantee our success on the uttermost competitive environment: the financial market.


From Giant to the world, safely.

In our perspective, the tech team does not only code – they give life to our strategies. Our programmers and developers are responsible for building the complex bridge between the global financial markets and our investment strategies.


The essential gear that enables us to thrive.

The main purpose of a top performing gear is to transfer potency with maximum efficiency. Our Operations team does just that: leads the company as a whole into its maximum output capacity. Got infinite drive? This is the team for you.

Sales and Marketing

The bridge between you and us.

Like to think out of the box and got no fear of making mistakes? Our Sales and Marketing team combine creativity and (true) innovation to find and connect the most modern and sophisticated investors to Giant Steps.

Our day to day

Maximize your potential

We foster an environment that is intellectually stimulating, where each team member can develop their full potential surrounded by highly qualified and experienced people.

Build the future

Our culture is built upon teamwork and cooperation – along with innovation, risk taking and constantly challenging the status quo.

Make a difference

We don’t believe in rigid hierarchies. We seek to promote a horizontal culture based on cooperation, meritocracy and shared responsibility.

Constant learning

Expand your knowledge immersed in an environment that promotes the sharing of ideas, information and constant professional development through courses, congresses, lectures, etc.